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Cali Dreams - Vintage Culture & Fancy Inc Feat. The Beach

Nominated for

Best Director & Best Music Video

Directed by

Rafael Kent

6' • Brazil • 2021



Cali Dreams is about connections. Bonds that can happen on a movie set in Hollywood or anywhere less glamorous. It might sound cheesy, but the spark can come from a look, a touch or even an asthma inhaler. Yeah, love can leave you outta breath. Cali and dream on.

Director's Bio: Rafael Kent, a brazilian northeast creation. 40 years making lemonade with half a lemon. Underdog - Businessman, Photographer, Filmmaker, Instagramer and insomniac. Cannes Glass Lion winner and Latin Grammy nominee with the Music Video SACI (REMIX) for BaianaSystem in 2020. In short. Omnipresent.

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