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Nominated for

Best Feature Film

Directed by

Darin J. Sallam

91' • Jordan • 2021


Arabic, English, Hebrew

Farha is a 14 years old Palestinian girl who lives in a village where girls her age are traditionally married or spoken for. Yet Farha wants to continue her education despite traditions and the restriction of schooling in her village to boys. Inseparable from her best friend Farida, Farha dreams of joining her at school in the city and of becoming a teacher one day. However, Farha’s father is the Mukhtar (head of the village) and struggles between traditions and his daughter’s happiness. It is Palestine 1948 and life is threatened by the looming conflict. Just when Farha’s father is finally convinced and Farha’s dream is at last coming true, the danger comes closer to their village, forcing a new path for Farha. As violence escalates, Farha is brutally separated from Farida. Fearing for her life, Farha’s father locks her up in a concealed, small food storage space by the house, promising to return. But he never does Over the course of the next days, Farha undergoes a life-changing journey while buried in the tight dark space, her only connection to the outside world is a small hole in the wall and few cracks in the wooden door. Farha witnesses a lot of events, outside and inside the room, that force her to grow up. Her dream changes from getting an education to surviving this room, leaving her childhood behind.

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