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It's So Charming

Nominated for

Best Drama

Directed by

Svend Colding

27' • Denmark • 2021



Silvia, who is pregnant, is at her parents in-law wedding anniversary, and she has been looking forward to it because its the first time she is meeting her boyfriend’s, Christian, side of the family. Though she quickly realises, that Christian has a horrible relationship with his father, Thorsten. Silvia and Christian had planned to announce the pregnancy, but can’t seem to find an appropriate time for it, due to the dysfunctional father-son relationship. Therefore Silvia decides to reconcile the 2 men, though this Is proving easier said than done. “It is so Lovely” is a comedy-drama, which the main theme is being able to set boundaries, even though there may not be an appropriate time for doing this.

Director's Bio: Svend Colding was born in 1990 in Aarhus Denmark where he lived until he finished high school. He then travelled to the Big Apple and studied the arts of filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. After studying abroad for a year he returned back home, only to change the scenery yet another time, when Svend was hired as an intern on the Copenhagen based Feature Film “Idealisten”, directed by Christina Rosendahl. Svend then had various assistant functions on several feature films and TV series, while finding his own identity creating his own productions, mainly functioning as a director and photographer. He is currently working as Assistant Director on tv-series as "Follow The Money" and "Ride Upon the Storm", while attending a filmschool called 18Frames.

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