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National Boomerang

Nominated for

Best Drama

Directed by

Gaïa Rasnova

19' • France • 2019



"National Boomerang" retraces the errance of Loba, a lonely teenage girl, against a backdrop of urban, country and industrial landscapes. In an immersive and contemplative way we follow her way and adventures.

Director's Bio: Born in Paris in 1991, of a Belgian father and a Chilean mother, Gaïa was graduated in editing at the CLCF in Paris in 2012 and then joined the first promotion of the École de la cité in the directing section at the cité du cinéma. She has worked on features films, including "Pina" and "Every Thing Will Be Fine" by Wim Wenders and then worked as an assistant editor in France and studied anthropology in parallel at Nanterre, Paris 10. Recently she made a first short film, "Nationale Boomerang", produced by the Film Research and essays Group with the support of the CNC.

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