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Old Hag (Vieille Peau)

Nominated for

Best Animated Film

Directed by

Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

8' • France • 2020



Director's Bio: Julie Rembauville was born in Paris in 1982. She studied litterature and audiovisuals at La Sorbonne University. In 2003, she published her first book for childern, Je ne me laisserai pas faire ! (I won’t let them do it !) working with the drawer Nicolas Bianco-Levrin. Then, they realized films and books, working on adaptation principe. The Machino received the award of the best DVD-book for children in 2006, given by the CIELJ (International Center of Litterature for Children) She’s now working on an animated serie project for TV, KROAK, written with Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and produced by Sacrebleu productions and on a short Ombre qui vole. Born in 1979, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin studied at the Duperré Art school in Paris and published his first book for children "Simon without nights" in 2002 for which he won the Graphic Octogone price from the International Center of Litterature for Children. Since that time, he published 28 books, using each time a new technic of illustration : picture in black and white or in color of rough models, drawings with acrylic or chinese ink. Nicolas Bianco-Levrin directed 28 animation films. He is now working on a new short : Une Histoire de Jeannot, produced by La Luna productions. Nicolas Bianco-Levrin and Julie Rembauville are prolific animation film-makers and children’s book authors who have worked together regularly since 2003. They have co-directed 27 short films using various techniques (stop-motion, paper cut-out and drawings). These include Baptistin l’imbattable (2006), Ailleurs (2008), [R] (2010) and Ben Hora (2010), It’s a dog’s life (2012), Minoule (2014), all of which made their mark at several international festivals. In 2006, their book La rue et le machino and companion film Le machino won the Encre et sels d’argent award for graphic design in the book-DVD category from France’s Centre international d’études en littérature jeunesse (CIELJ). They are currently developing a new film based on Bianco-Levrin’s book series Kroak. It’s a Dog’s Life is the duo’s first collaboration with the NFB, and was co-produced with Folimage after winning the SACD short film project award at the 2010 Annecy International Animation Festival.

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