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Tears Teacher

Nominated for

Best Short Documentary

Directed by

Noemie Nakai

10' • Japan • 2019



Yoshida is a “tears teacher.” A firm believer that weekly crying promotes healthier living, he’s made it his mission to make more people weep. Running workshops all over Japan extolling the benefits of vulnerability and tear-jerking films, books and music, he makes a convincing argument for welling up as wellness.

Director's Bio: Noemie was selected for the 2020 'Sundance / NHK screenwri<ng lab’, Berlinale-ran ‘Talents Tokyo lab’, and is also part of the BFI x BAFTA crew program that supports emerging writer/directors. Her latest work, the documentary “Tears Teacher”, was selected for Sundance and Hot Docs among numerous other film fes<vals, and was acquired by the New York Times for their Op-Docs series. Her earlier shorts films were picked up by Film Movement to be distributed with their release of Hirokazu Koreeda’s “AUer The Storm” in North America, and were selected in fes<vals all around the world (Short Shorts Film & Asia, OFF Odense, Exit 6, Shorts on Tap, etc). Her feature in development was shortlisted by the ScreencraU screenplay compe<<on and the project received the main award at Busan film fes<val’s Asian Project Market - following on the footsteps of film legends such as Hou Hsiao Hsien, Kurosawa Kiyoshi, Naomi Kawase and Bong Joon-ho to name a few.

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