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The Comet (La Comète)

Nominated for

Best Short Film

Directed by

Piero Usberti

18' • France • 2021


French, Kurdish

One summer afternoon, Orso's solitude is broken by an unexpected companion: Zelal is lost, does not speak French and is ten years old like him. She must leave the island at all costs.

Director's Bio: Piero USBERTI (1992, Italy), is italo-french. He has been theatre actor for theatre and short movies since 2010. After his first movie, a medium lenght experimental documentary about the passing of a day in Turin city, he joined in 2019 G.R.E.C. master program in Corsica within he realised his first short fiction movie "La comète". He is developing a short documentary about Gaza, with the support of Brouillon d'un rêve (SCAM).

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