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The Seeker

Nominated for

Best Feature Film

Directed by

Bernardo Barreto

86' • Brazil • 2019



Isabela is the daughter of a powerful politician and grew up in a context of perks and luxury. In her process of maturity, Isabela falls in love with Giovani, founder of a community that preaches sustainability and free love, and, fascinated by a different world logic, abandon everything she had in an attempt to build a different life. It is Father's Day and Isabela does not visit her family for four years. In an attempt to reconnect, she decides to introduce Giovani to her parents and brother, but what she did not expect is that back home she would find out that her father is involved in one of the biggest corruption scandals ever recorded in Brazil. There will be no other possibility but to face and recognize the ghosts of her past.

Director's Bio: Director, producer and actor, Bernardo Barreto holds a degree in Actor Training from UniverCidade - RJ, the NY Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, and Studio Fátima Toledo - SP. He is one of the creators of the short film Life in 5 Minutes. In 2006, while starring in the Workout season, he completed the script of Post 9, selected by the SESC Worshop of Roteiros. In cinema, he also appeared in the film Rinha, by Marcelo Galvão, participant in the Competitive Exhibition of the 2008 Rio Festival; in 2012 he starred in the long-running Artificial paradises, by Marcos Prado, produced by José Padilha. Today he signs the co-production of the documentary God's city - 10 Years Later, TV series My Rock´n roll Days 1ª and 2ª season and the feature length film The Seeker. Long: God Protect Drunks and Children, Curta: God Protect Drunks and Children, Curta: Post 9, Curta: My Hero, Curta: There is Always Space for Love, Curta: Who’s Gonna Fuck My Wife, Clip: MC Playboy, For Love.

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