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Nominated for

Best Editor

Directed by

Chris Noltekuhlmann

4' • Germany • 2020



Thorsten, also known as Toddy, loves pinball machines. Aged fifteen he already has his first own pinball machine in his room. He turns his passion into a career and goes on to work for the German pinball machine producer Bally, where he gets to know all the technology inside these magical entertainment devices. In the early 90ies, when the golden age of pinball comes to an end and everybody wants to get rid of their old machines, he just says: “Hand it over, I’ve got a big trash can.” He starts collecting and fixing the machines. Of course he also keeps playing - the only way to find malfunctions in the machines is to master them. Toddy lives in his warehouse always surrounded by about 40-50 pinball machines. Some are completely restored and functional, others are work in progress and Toddy is still tinkering with them. Among dot-matrix displays, slingshots and bumpers Toddy has found his mission in life. A documentary film portrait that invites us on a journey to the younger days of Generation X.

Director's Bio: My work is characterised by its unique fresh visual language and wide array of different techniques, styles and formats. My goal is always to capture the authentic essence of his subjects. I try to have a way of making everyday moments epic by capturing the subtle twitches of humanity that makes us laugh, cry or blush when we recognise ourselves in them.

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